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I have been working with Mel as my PT for the past 8 months. In this time Mel has motivated me to improve my fitness, strength and most importantly for me, my consistency. The sessions are varied but targeted to ensure I achieve my fitness goals. Highly recommended.

Louise Moran
Ive been training with Mel Bartley Fitness now since late 2019. Until working with Mel I had never done any kind of fitness training. I was apprehensive, miles out of my comfort zone and certain this wasn’t for me. Somehow Mel managed to put me to ease and I soon started to enjoy my 1-1 sessions. These are tailored to your goals and ability in a well equipped facility to keep the sessions fresh with new challenges. Its a great environment to train and Mel gives you the support and encouragement to keep working towards your goals.
Jim Walsh
Training with Mel has been a game changer for me. Ive never been this consistent with my exercise and nutrition before. Thanks to Mel, I’ve shed over a stone in weight and my body has transformed completely. Each workout with Mel is a unique experience and every session pushes me further in terms of fitness and strength. What sets Mel apart is her understanding of life – she advocates for balance in everything. I never feel guilty indulging in treats, thanks to her positive and supportive approach.
Joanne Hallam
Approximately 3 years ago I met Mel. I was very unfit, lacked confidence in a gym environment, needed confidence (and new knees!). Mel willingly accepted the challenge, despite me nearly being 70 years old. Mel is very motivational, pushing to improve stamina and strength. Never judging, working in a safe environment and understanding your needs. About 18 months after starting with Mel, I had 2 knee replacements. I sailed through recovery (back in the gym after 5 weeks). My consultant credited my speedy and easy recovery down to the exercise programme Mel had developed and supported me through. I still look forward to my twice weekly PT sessions with Mel.
Anne Addison

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